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RV Roof Rubber EPDM TPO

The RV Roof of your camper, motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer is an extremely important component of your recreational vehicle. Although it's generally not an area that requires frequent care, periodic maintenance is a necessity to ensure years of trouble free RV'ing. And, the frequency with which maintenance is required will depend on the type of roof your RV is equipped with.


Types of RV Roof

Depending on the year, make, model and type of recreational vehicle you own, the type of roof and the materials it is made from, and protected by; will vary. Late model modern RV's are typically equipped with one of three types of roofing. Those three types of RV roofs are: aluminum, rubber, and TPO roofing. Each type of camper roof is durable and long lasting, and each is relatively easy to care for. A few basic care tips for each of these categories is listed below. Always check manufacturers recommendations on care and maintenance.


Maintaining Your Recreational Vehicle Roof

Aluminum RV Roof Care and Maintenance

The aluminum roof is really quite easy to care for, and generally requires very little upkeep and maintenance. The aluminum has a smooth mill-finish, and should be cleaned using a mild detergent soap and water solution. After washing with the soap and water solution, it is recommended that you rinse the roof well with clean water. Additionally, you should thoroughly rinse the sides of your travel trailer or other RV to avoid streaking of the side walls.


Care and Maintenance of Your Rubber RV Roof

If your recreational vehicle is equipped with a rubber RV roof, it will generally require no "special" treatment. This of course will depend on the recommendations of the manufacturer of your particular travel trailer, camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome.

In general, your rubber RV roof is made of a durable heavy duty rubber which helps to reduce the occurrence of black streaks on your RV's sidewalls, and does not rumble or vibrate in the wind.

The basic care of these RV roof's is pretty simple. To keep them in great shape, all you need to do is clean them with a sponge and a non-abrasive household cleaner. For tougher stains that may pop up on your rubber RV roof, you can usually use a household kitchen cleaner that contains bleach. "DO NOT ALLOW BLEACH TO SOAK INTO" the rubber roofing material!

Depending on manufacturer recommendations, you may also be able to use a solvent like xylene for tough stains. As with a bleach containing household cleaner, do not saturate the area.


TPO RV Roof Care and Maintenance