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RV Appliances

Most travel trailers and motorhomes come equipped with major RV Appliances like an RV stove / range / oven, and usually either a Norcold refrigerator or a Dometic refrigerator. It probably goes without saying, but the overall size of camper appliances goes hand in hand with the overall size of the camper or motorhome they’re being placed in.

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In my own “Full Time RV Living” 5th Wheel Travel Trailer, I have a small Norcold Fridge/Freezer. It is “Made in America,” which is pretty fantastic! My RV stove is an Atwood 3 burner stove with a small oven. It runs on propane. And, while it isn’t a huge “professional chef” type range, it does the trick when supper time rolls around.

Well, now that we've gotten the two most standard types of RV appliances out of the way, there are a few others that I would consider to be a major RV appliance. Those that initially come to mind are: RV Convection Oven, RV Cooktop, RV Washer Dryer, RV Dishwasher. For all of the appliances listed, there are a variety of manufacturers, makes, models, styles etc.


RV Refrigerators

Depending on the size and type of RV refrigerator you have, you will be able to run it on one to three types of power. Well, I guess four if you include power generated from solar panels, but you would need to convert that energy to a form that could be utilized by your RV fridge.

In any event, the multiple power option of RV refrigerators comes in very handy during power outages, when at a remote camping location, or when one of the other powering options breaks down.

The three power options available to power RV refrigerators are:

  • AC Power - 120-volt
  • LP Gas
  • 12v DC Power

The above power options help to ensure that your food supply doesn't spoil, and they provide additional power options in case of emergency or power outages.

Some of the most popular brands of RV Refrigerators are:

These popular manufacturers produce AC/DC refrigerators, portable RV refrigerators, and LP gas refrigerators. You can get more information and details on the various names and models by visiting our RV Refrigerator page; or by clicking on the brand names above if you prefer a specific brand of RV fridge.


RV Stoves / Oven / Range

If you have an LP gas stove in your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer, then it goes without saying that in runs on propane gas. These propane gas RV Stoves are probably the most common types of camper stoves around, and are generally considered to be standard RV Appliances.

Depending on the size of your travel trailer, these stoves commonly have 3 burners, and a small or compact RV Oven. They are also usually equipped with an RV Burner Cover which helps to expand the counter space working area in your camper's kitchen.

One of the more popular brands of RV Stoves is made by Atwood Mobile Products. Atwood has a great reputation for manufacturing quality RV Appliances and RV Replacement Parts likes Ranges and Stoves. In fact, my Jayco Fifth Wheel travel trailer was originally equipped with an Atwood RV Stove, and it's still going strong 15 years later.


Popular Brands of RV Stoves and Ranges

Below is a listing of just a few of the more popular brands of RV stoves for your recreational vehicle. In addition to the standard RV ovens and stoves, some of these manufacturers also make microwave ovens, convection ovens, cooktops etc.

  • Atwood
  • Magic Chef
  • Suburban
  • Advent

They supply the recreational vehicle industry with a variety of camper and motorhome supplies such as: cooktops, cooktop covers, range covers, ranges, microwaves, and Built-In Convection Microwave Combination Ovens.


RV Washer Dryer

RV Dishwasher

RV Cooktops

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